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Blue Sky Therapeutic Yoga

522 South Fourth Street

Stillwater MN 55082

"What if we could trust life like we trust the breath? What if we could take in all the nourishment of the moment and then let it go fully, trusting that more nourishment will come?"

                       Deborah Adele,  The Yamas and Niyamas         

blue sky

therapeutic yoga

a  b r e a t h  o f  f r e s h  a i r


Julie Bennett has received top level certification as a Yoga Therapist from IAYT,  the International Association of Yoga Therapists. It took hundreds of hours of training at Yoga North, one of a handful of IAYT-accredited schools in North America. It took hundreds more hours of seminars, workshops, conferences, and documented work with clients. And it took three months of review by the credentials committee, but Julie Bennett has been recognized by as a C-IAYT credentialed yoga therapist.

522 South Fourth Street
Stillwater MN 55082